Viewers' Comments


Charming... I dare you not to smile.

Leonard Maltin



Rekindled my love  of playing music…a very powerful film.

Dallas, TX



This movie made me proud and happy!

Seattle, Washington



I loved the movie so much, I bought a ukulele the next day!

Toronto, Ontario



A celebration of life.

Melbourne, Australia



Very, very entertaining.

Paris, France



What a fun movie.

Portland, Oregon



Awesome film! I so want a Uke now!

Vancouver, British Columbia



Thank you, thank you, thank you for this labor of love.

Victoria, British Columbia



I was smiling on entire 1+ hour drive home and almost missed the exit. Dangerous intoxicating movie!

Lee, New Hampshire



The EVENT at the Rio last night was amazing, inspirational, and an experience I'll never forget. 

Santa Cruz, California



I saw the roadshow last night. A stunning and moving presentation from a somewhat jaded guy. You should be very proud.

Santa Cruz, California



I loved your film. Before watching, I knew nothing about the uke. After watching, I was so inspired that I bought my own ukulele and attended the UkeFest. Thank you!

Denver, Colorado




One of the best documentaries we have ever seen! 

Came upon it accidentally on SuperChannel and were enthralled!

Milton, Ontario




Whatta great doc! I'm not even a Uke guy and I loved it!

Vancouver, British Columbia




Delightful - had a smile on my face through the entire film… thanks for sharing this story with us.

Portland, Oregon




It made me feel part of a world-wide community... if you guys ever visit Ireland let me know & I will have the Guinness waiting for you.

Waterford, Ireland




Gonna do my 2010 holiday shopping early for all the uke-players in our family.

Portland, Oregon



I watched, in amazement… I am a former principal who always loved strong music programs in my schools. I want to share this incredible movie with my musical colleagues who are still working. Please let me know how I can get my hands on copies of The Mighty Uke movie as soon as it is possible. Thank you!

Milton, Ontario




A little jewel.

Toronto, Ontario