What is the movie about?

MIGHTY UKE is a documentary about the recent resurgence of the ukulele all over the world. Filmed in Canada, The US, England, France, Israel, New Zealand and Japan, MIGHTY UKE adds another chapter to this storied instrument. Click here for a synopsis.


When is the DVD coming out?
How can I buy a copy?
Who is in MIGHTY UKE?
Where did MIGHTY UKE film?

MIGHTY UKE's intrepid camera team, Tony and Margaret, filmed in: Nova Scotia, Hawaii, BC, Colorado, California, New York, London, Sommerset, Paris, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Yokahama, and filmed vicariously in New Zealand



MIGHTY UKE ROADSHOW is a tour including the movie and performances by local and international ukulele artists. Click here if you'd like to inquire.


Will you show MIGHTY UKE at my theatre, uke club or community centre?

We'd love to. Click here to find out how.


Why the ukulele?
Watch the movie and find out!